The Mass Update Part Two

     So if the previous update on kid happenings was not enough here comes the rest of the update.  Keep in mind that some of the things here happened simultaneously with the boys having their run through the illness list. I think I dealt pretty well with everything that went on while we were out and about.  The hubby did manage to get a lot of his qualifications completed while we were gone.  He is still waiting on one board, but that is not in his control.

     So at one point after the ear infections and respiratory  infections, but before the chicken pox and strep throat! The check engine light and TCS light came on in my van.  OH JOY! Not really I mean I knew it needed a tune up, but was not pleased with the warning lights.  So I took it in to get it fixed up.  All fixed up, and lots of money later the van is ready to go.  So as I am packing the van to leave for the second time I get called into the house.  K1 now has developed the chicken pox visibly.  We concluded that his chicken pox fever must have been masked by the strep throat fever so we thought he got out of them.  Glad I got the kids vaccinated for that! Oh well moving on.

     I decided to pack up my now itchy kid anyway and start my drive back home.  By this time we were already delayed by several days, and I just wanted to get home before anything else could spring up.  We hit the road later than I wanted to, but we were still on the road.  After driving until about midnight with multiple stops for K1 to pee, get gas, and walk the dogs we were not as far as I had hoped.  All in all the drive was uneventful and we made it home safe and sound.  Only down side was we arrived while hubby was on duty so we had to wait until morning to see him.

     I guess about two days after getting home we decided to go out for breakfast.  At first the gas pedal on the van was sticky.  After checking it out we blamed the extreme change in climate and temperature over a short time, and we continued on to breakfast.  On the way home the idle was not quite right, and the van kept revving up then dropping down it was odd.  After the boys took naps we decided to run over to the Navy Exchange to pick something up.  The van then proceeded to get worse as we arrived at the parking lot.  I spent the rest of the day googling the vans symptoms.  That weekend we drove it over to my brother-in-laws house he looked at it, and blamed the timing so we would have to take it in as we don't know anyone with the tools to fix that.  So another chunk of money later, and the van is running smoothly again.  Now we just have to get a slow oil leak from the oil pan drain plug fixed.  That however is waiting until I find some money after one of these pay days.

     To check out how I did on my weight loss and fitness journey visit Healthy Family Fitness .  I think that gets everyone up to date.  Now hopefully back to regular posting on both blogs.  I really think we have to be over that first of the year hill we were climbing up.  Thanks for reading, and leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by.

The Mass update part one

     It has been a little busy around our house for the last month and a half.  Navy life kept hubby terribly busy through the holidays! So the boys and I jetted off to see grandparents in Texas.  Little K2 got to meet his great grandma  for the first time.  Of course the boys scored fat loot for Christmas.
     We made two trips to the ER while we were visiting.  First, K1 woke up screaming with an ear infection on Christmas Eve only thing open was the ER.  He had been a little congested for a few days before, but nothing indicated ear infection.  Poor little guy had a pretty crumby Christmas Day, but there were plenty of people to dote on him. Monday after Christmas K2 was having trouble breathing and was grabbing his ears so we went in to the ER to get him checked out.  Nothing like sick kids while you are on vacation.  After a breathing treatment and prescriptions we were back at the Grandparents battling fussy kids.  K1 and K2 responded quickly to their medications, and were back into trouble in a few days.

     Wait for it on week after K2 was at the ER he broke out in the chicken pox.  Kept the little guy covered in calamine, and dunked in oatmeal baths.  After a few days of being covered in calamine K2 was feeling better.  We got up the morning after he finally slept all night again, and K1 had a fever of 104.3 that we could not get to respond to ibuprofen, so we had to call the doctor, and get the ok to add acetaminophen  after only 2 hours.  After 6 hours at 2 hours dosing intervals per the doctors orders the fever was down to a manageable level.  We braced for the onset of little spots.  No such luck K1 ended up with strep throat!! Hooray we were knocking out everything on the list of child hood diseases.

     So K1 started eating soft solid foods after a few days, and no one had fevers.  I begin packing to go home since everyone was looking to be on the upside of sick.  Nothing like the gut wrenching call of Jess you better come see this.  Sure enough K1 is breaking out in the chicken pox!! That vaccine did us a lot of good I guess!!

     I am hoping we are done with sickness around here for awhile.  I really need to get back on a good work out schedule.   Staying up all night with screaming sick kids is not conducive to maintaining a consistent workout schedule.  I seriously missed working out while they were sick, but usually fell asleep when they did so I could get some rest.  No use running down my body so I get sick too.

More update coming soon.  Screaming kids around here! Something about them wanting food and drink! Grabbing a Shakeology for me on the run.

Birthday Boy!

My littlest man turned one yesterday!! His party is this weekend, but here is a picture for wednesday.

Eating Dinner!

Totally Slacking

     I know I have been totally slacking over here.  So this post will be a run down of what is happening in our world.  We have been totally busy doing an array of different things.

     Since my last post on my birthday we have been of course tackling the normal everyday life.  We are contemplating what to do if hubby is on the ship for Christmas.  This is a huge discussion that we both sat down and talked about.  I was actually amazed by a few responses we got when people were informed of the upcoming decision.  I got several questions related to the stability of our marriage.  Really we are fine I love hubby to death, and this is just one more thing that military families have to cope with.

     With the looming holidays and no daddy/hubby we are moving all of the holidays up this year.  So this coming weekend will be busy at our house.  We will be having K2's first birthday party and Christmas all on the same day.  We will wake up as a family pretending it is Christmas morning.  Then we will roll into the first birthday festivities.  There will be tons of food and fun to be had by all.  Of course no one has RSVP'd to little man's birthday so it may just be a family event.  I think the sister-in-law and her family will be coming, but they just decided not to RSVP based on the you know we are coming rule.

     I have been following my work out schedule everyday, and I am stoked to see the results in the mirror.  Next weekend is also a measurement weekend for my fitness goals.  It will be exciting to see how much progress I have made.  I did step on the scale for my 30th birthday, and was happy with that result.  Just since I have started my Insanity program I am down 5.5 pounds.  Since I have started eating healthy, and increasing my fitness I am down a whopping 16 pounds.  The measurements will just be icing on the cake since I can already see results in the mirror.

     I think hubby is getting on board with health and fitness improvement since the Navy is evaluating him for high blood pressure.  In his defense he does work in a high stress environment, but he also has some bad habits that are not good for his blood pressure.  Hopefully he will stick with it, and reach a goal while feeling better for doing it. 

     As for the kids K1 is in love with talking on the phone, and playing all the game apps that are on my cell phone.  K2 is coming into his own little world, and trying his best to walk.  Both of the boys are into anything they can reach.  Being a good big brother also includes giving the little man anything he can not reach on his own. 

     Let me know how your family is preparing for the holidays.  What will you be doing that is special this year?  Do you have a tradition that you share with your children each year?

     You can check out my health and fitness journey at Healthy Family Fitness.