Moving Stuff!!!

Well in the midst of culling stuff out to move.  I have been trying to get all the forms needed to move filled out.  The military is trying to go with all online forms.  The only problem with this is the website they are using has some major issues.  I got logged in once, but had to get off because both the boys needed something.  Then I could not log in for a day and half.  Evidently every time you log out you need to go delete all your cookies/ internet history to log back in.  So I filled out most of the forms only to get to a question neither B nor I could answer.  So hopefully he can get the question answered at work in the morning so the forms can get submitted.  I would really like to have the dates we are moving available for a little planning.  My dear husband lives in a world where planning is not a necessity.  I however need to plan for sanity.

Also we are trying to prep things at this house for when we move.  Like getting the things B will need to fix up the house.  We plan on returning it to our friend in better shape than when we got it.  This means doing some painting, and general touch up work.  Also putting a little work into the lawn and flower beds.  I need to have the flower beds done before the boys and I move because B does not really have a background in yard work type stuff.  Now mowing and general care he has down.  Picking out plants for different light areas of the yard no.

I also have the pile of things I am cleaning up to put on craigslist.  Hoping to get that pile to decrease over the coming week.  Then there is the growing list of things we will need to buy for the new house.  Some stuff we have given away along our way while moving, or the things our room mates had when we lived there before.  I am however excited to see what all the money we put into the house over the years we have been gone has done for it.  When we did our taxes turns out there was a $12,000 plus loss on the house just this year.

To sum it up I am excited and nervous about the coming move.

And All That Jazz...

We went and got our taxes done the other day, and I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of the return.  We will be out of debt completely  by the time we move.  Hopefully we will remain debt free since we will only have one house payment when we move back to our house.

However in preparation for our move all the animals went to the vet today.  Toulouse the cat has a UTI, but no big deal just a few antibiotics.  Maddie on the other hand has two teeth that need to be pulled.  That will be quite expensive I am sure.  So I have scheduled her last trip to the vet in NC for the end of February.

Due to our trip to the vet to pick up all the animals, we returned home about the same time as B.  This resulted in him helping cook dinner which was rather enjoyable.  We made a quick and easy Alfredo sauce that taste pretty much like the stuff from the jar.  Added a little chicken and we were good to go.  As per usual K1 refused to eat poultry.  I will never figure him out.  Chicken nuggets are ok, but no other poultry.

Quick Alfredo

4oz (half block of nuetcehfal also called 1/3 fat cream cheese)
1 can 15oz chicken broth
4 Tbs flour
1/4 Cup Parmesan cheese
1Tbs garlic powder
pepper to taste

This is enough sauce for about a half pound of pasta.  Add all ingredients to a sauce pan and stir continuously until all the cheeses melt.  Continue cooking until the consistency is what you like.  It should reach an Alfredo consistency rather quickly once the cheeses melt.

Valentine's Surprise

So to throw my dear husband off I am going to give him his Valentine's day present tonight.  I ordered Chocolate dipped cookies and strawberries.  Then I set out the candles that we never use.  The best part is that I did this all before he got home and he still has not noticed.  So once both the kids get in bed I can light the candles, and bring out his strawberries and cookies.  He will still be surprised since nothing looks out of place to him.

Well got the little guys to sleep.  B loved his strawberries, and looked very surprised. I decided to opt out of the candles since we were watching a movie at the time.  Almost done with laundry for the day.  We are the proud owners of one deranged cat that my husband saved from the shelter before we got married.  The evil cat decided to pee on our bed last night.  So I have been doing all that laundry today.  So far the good sheets are back on the bed, and the electric blanket is washed.  The comforter might be dry by bed time here is hoping!!

On another plus note we are going to get our taxes done in the morning.  I wonder how much we will see on our return this year.  We also get one more rent check from the Virginia house before we move back in.  I am really excited to start saving money again once we move.  Right now our budget is pretty tight due to having to pay rent here, and the rest of the mortgage at the other house.  The weather should be getting nicer by the time we move too, so the boys and I can go to the park and play.  Really looking forward to the coming year!

What a day!

Wow so most of the day I have existed with a headache that feels like I spent the entire night last night pounding alcoholic beverages.  Oh well hopefully it will be gone soon.  To top that off K1 is rebelling by trying to choose the food he will and will not eat.  He refused to eat all of his lunch, but immediately asked for goldfish crackers when he got done.  So he screamed all day and refused to eat the lunch I continued to offer.  K2 was good pretty much all day which was totally necessary for me to cope with the array of things his big brother was into.  Just before B got home from work K1 was half way up the stairs on the landing.  He stood up to go down the stairs, and he slipped and rolled down the remaining stairs.  I just about had a mom heart attack as there was no way I could catch him.  On a good note, he is perfectly fine and commenced running around after the initial shock was over.

Hopefully Ken sleeps for awhile tonight.  Which in turn means I will sleep and tomorrow will be a better day