The Mass update part one

     It has been a little busy around our house for the last month and a half.  Navy life kept hubby terribly busy through the holidays! So the boys and I jetted off to see grandparents in Texas.  Little K2 got to meet his great grandma  for the first time.  Of course the boys scored fat loot for Christmas.
     We made two trips to the ER while we were visiting.  First, K1 woke up screaming with an ear infection on Christmas Eve only thing open was the ER.  He had been a little congested for a few days before, but nothing indicated ear infection.  Poor little guy had a pretty crumby Christmas Day, but there were plenty of people to dote on him. Monday after Christmas K2 was having trouble breathing and was grabbing his ears so we went in to the ER to get him checked out.  Nothing like sick kids while you are on vacation.  After a breathing treatment and prescriptions we were back at the Grandparents battling fussy kids.  K1 and K2 responded quickly to their medications, and were back into trouble in a few days.

     Wait for it on week after K2 was at the ER he broke out in the chicken pox.  Kept the little guy covered in calamine, and dunked in oatmeal baths.  After a few days of being covered in calamine K2 was feeling better.  We got up the morning after he finally slept all night again, and K1 had a fever of 104.3 that we could not get to respond to ibuprofen, so we had to call the doctor, and get the ok to add acetaminophen  after only 2 hours.  After 6 hours at 2 hours dosing intervals per the doctors orders the fever was down to a manageable level.  We braced for the onset of little spots.  No such luck K1 ended up with strep throat!! Hooray we were knocking out everything on the list of child hood diseases.

     So K1 started eating soft solid foods after a few days, and no one had fevers.  I begin packing to go home since everyone was looking to be on the upside of sick.  Nothing like the gut wrenching call of Jess you better come see this.  Sure enough K1 is breaking out in the chicken pox!! That vaccine did us a lot of good I guess!!

     I am hoping we are done with sickness around here for awhile.  I really need to get back on a good work out schedule.   Staying up all night with screaming sick kids is not conducive to maintaining a consistent workout schedule.  I seriously missed working out while they were sick, but usually fell asleep when they did so I could get some rest.  No use running down my body so I get sick too.

More update coming soon.  Screaming kids around here! Something about them wanting food and drink! Grabbing a Shakeology for me on the run.

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