It's all running together

Let's see it has been a really long time since i posted anything here.  However I really needed to vent today so here we go.

Baby number two will be here within the next 6 weeks.  K just went for his 18month check up and is still at the top of all the charts.  The dogs are lazy as ever, and the cats are driving me up the wall. In fact I think everything is currently driving me up the wall.  The house is never as clean as I want, my husband plays his video game every night when he gets home to unwind.  He takes the weekend off, and my job just continues to roll on.  He still refuses to change a poop diaper if I am home, and he only cleans out the cat box when he feels like it.

We have guest coming this weekend, and I guess everything is good enough for when they get here.  If i spend every night after K goes to bed cleaning until I am ready for bed the house should be close to where I want it to be.  The yard is not mowed, but B will probably wait until the neighbor kid comes over to cut it.  Speaking of the neighbor kid last time he just cut our grass and expected to be paid with out asking if we wanted it done or not.  I was going to tell him to eat it his fault not mine.  However B went and got him money for doing it!!! I was freaking PO'd.  

Alright so thanks for reading this if you got this far I am impressed.  Feeling much better now after my little rant so back to some house work while the little man is sleeping

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