Busy and fun

     Well we had a great visit with Auntie over the weekend.  A is so tiny and cute.  Of course if A is in the picture with K he looks like a giant.  I am working on getting some pictures to put up soon.  We did some scrapbook stuff to that was fun.  Mom I will get that dog biscuit recipe up soon.  You just asked right before everything got busy here.
     K tried to stay up all night not really.  He was just up past his bed time.  He also demanded that he eat real food while all the adults ate.  None of this I'll have a bottle while you guys munch on the good stuff.  He is so funny.  As soon as he got some bread chunks to eat he was happy to be eating with us. 
     Well that is all fort he moment.  Trying to get back in the swing of everything with no company here!!

We know you want a bolder paper person

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