That CAT!!

     Well K was grouchy most of the day.  So I was busy trying to stay somewhat sane with a screaming midget in the house.  While I was changing a diaper the cat comes up being all nice and rubbing on my legs like a good little cat.  As soon as I quit paying attention to the cat he hacks up a big hairball directly behind me.  The darn cat managed to do this twice today since he is such a little helper.  I think he waits for the worst time to do such things.
     Any way got the little man to go to bed a little late, but not bad considering how our day went.  Waiting on the hubby to get home.  He forgot to call so dinner was not ready to go when he got here.  I whipped up some torteloni in marinara sauce with green beans mixed in.  I find it much easier to get hubby to eat vegetables if I can mix it in to something.  If the veggies are in a seperate pan that clearly means that they are optional. 
     On a good not the community yard sale is coming up.  Two whole weekends in October to roam the neighborhood, and look for baby equipment for the wee one to grow in to.  The family back home is starting to ask about Christmas/New Year's plans.  If only the Navy would let me have this much time to plan.  All we know so far is which family we are visiting for which holiday.  Houston for Christmas, and the vallley for New Years.  Chalk it up to one more thing to start adding to the to do list.
     Well I am off to get a nice long relaxing shower and then off to bed for some reading!! Good night all!!

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  1. Reyna says:
    October 6, 2009 at 10:23 PM

    Oh, Ick! Hairballs!

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