Ahhhh We're Moving

It has just hit me like a ton of bricks that we will be moving in less than 6 weeks.  We verified what day our current renters are moving out of our house.  Then my husband  gets me the information we need to schedule the move online.  I am extremely grateful that the military is paying for us to move this time around.  I am also excited to not have to do all the packing of our stuff.

The boys and i will be moving few weeks before B does.  He will be staying behind to finish working, and to fix up our rental.  One of our dear friends rented his house to us so we are going all out on the clean up.  We even plan to paint a few rooms and the front door.  We have had to put so much money into our house in Virginia that is will look like an entirely different place when we move.

On the excellent news side there is an awesome park near our house in Virginia.  They had just finished the park renovation before we moved out last time.  The park has one of those awesome water play areas for the summer too.  I was envious with no kids to play in it last time.  Really I just want to play in the water area myself.  I am sure K1 will love the park in the upcoming summer.  They were putting in a nice walking track so that will be awesome.

On another plus side we are doing much better on our healthy eating.  We have only gone out to eat once in the last month at a sit down place, and 2or 3 times to a drive thru.  B taking his lunch to work is saving quite a bit of money.  It also is helping to keep the refrigerator clean since he is taking leftovers most days.  I do need to go pack his lunch really quick while both of the boys are asleep.

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