Well baby boy number two is here to be know in the blog as K2. Anyway I find myself becoming frustrated with breastfeeding this time around. I really wish I was not as I feel K2 will be left out since I breastfed K for six months. So some of me wants to just do formula as it sounds like it would be easier, but my other side feels like I am letting my little man down. Ahhh the guilt !!

On another note the Navy will be moving us by the beginning of April this year. I wonder how the boys will do as we plan to have them share a room when we move. On top of that my oldest little man is showing signs of wanting to potty train. I was going to wait on potty training until after the move because that will be right around his 2nd birthday !

These snow days stuck at the house leave to much time for my mind to randomly spin !
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