On the Move

Well I needed a new place to vent so taking up blogging again. It did me a world of good the first time when I kept up with it.  Tonight my husband is out a Navy conference until sometime tomorrow.  My almost 2 year old son is in bed, and my 2 month old is in his swing.  So I currently have a little time to try to set up a new blog.

So a quick bio before I go do a little more blog setup.  I married my husband in 2007 (to be known in the blog as B).  We met while we were in the Navy, and Stationed in Norfolk, VA.  In early 2009 we had our first son (to be known in the blog as K1), and we had our second son in late 2010 (to be known in the blog as K2).  Our family also includes two greyhounds, a chihuahua, and 2 cats. We are preparing to move due to Navy transfer in a few months.  I am mildly worried about getting everything ready to move in a timely manner.  I have a million things to put on craigslist, and stuff that just generally needs to be clean out before we move.  I am extremely grateful that the Navy will be paying for movers to move our stuff.  I can not imagine getting it all packed with a 2yr old and a 4 month old.

So if you decide to follow this thanks.  I will try to keep it more organized and consistent this go round.  I like to post recipes, and our daily life happenings.  Thanks for reading this far.

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