Moving Stuff!!!

Well in the midst of culling stuff out to move.  I have been trying to get all the forms needed to move filled out.  The military is trying to go with all online forms.  The only problem with this is the website they are using has some major issues.  I got logged in once, but had to get off because both the boys needed something.  Then I could not log in for a day and half.  Evidently every time you log out you need to go delete all your cookies/ internet history to log back in.  So I filled out most of the forms only to get to a question neither B nor I could answer.  So hopefully he can get the question answered at work in the morning so the forms can get submitted.  I would really like to have the dates we are moving available for a little planning.  My dear husband lives in a world where planning is not a necessity.  I however need to plan for sanity.

Also we are trying to prep things at this house for when we move.  Like getting the things B will need to fix up the house.  We plan on returning it to our friend in better shape than when we got it.  This means doing some painting, and general touch up work.  Also putting a little work into the lawn and flower beds.  I need to have the flower beds done before the boys and I move because B does not really have a background in yard work type stuff.  Now mowing and general care he has down.  Picking out plants for different light areas of the yard no.

I also have the pile of things I am cleaning up to put on craigslist.  Hoping to get that pile to decrease over the coming week.  Then there is the growing list of things we will need to buy for the new house.  Some stuff we have given away along our way while moving, or the things our room mates had when we lived there before.  I am however excited to see what all the money we put into the house over the years we have been gone has done for it.  When we did our taxes turns out there was a $12,000 plus loss on the house just this year.

To sum it up I am excited and nervous about the coming move.

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