Valentine's Surprise

So to throw my dear husband off I am going to give him his Valentine's day present tonight.  I ordered Chocolate dipped cookies and strawberries.  Then I set out the candles that we never use.  The best part is that I did this all before he got home and he still has not noticed.  So once both the kids get in bed I can light the candles, and bring out his strawberries and cookies.  He will still be surprised since nothing looks out of place to him.

Well got the little guys to sleep.  B loved his strawberries, and looked very surprised. I decided to opt out of the candles since we were watching a movie at the time.  Almost done with laundry for the day.  We are the proud owners of one deranged cat that my husband saved from the shelter before we got married.  The evil cat decided to pee on our bed last night.  So I have been doing all that laundry today.  So far the good sheets are back on the bed, and the electric blanket is washed.  The comforter might be dry by bed time here is hoping!!

On another plus note we are going to get our taxes done in the morning.  I wonder how much we will see on our return this year.  We also get one more rent check from the Virginia house before we move back in.  I am really excited to start saving money again once we move.  Right now our budget is pretty tight due to having to pay rent here, and the rest of the mortgage at the other house.  The weather should be getting nicer by the time we move too, so the boys and I can go to the park and play.  Really looking forward to the coming year!

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