Ahhh Moment

My husband has duty so he is gone for about 36-40 hours.  He will then come home exhausted because he rarely sleeps on duty.  Korvin is potty training, and Kenaniah is cutting a tooth.  Really could use some adult conversation right about now. 

I wonder some days where I got the idea that homeschooling might be for us.  I feel confident that I will make a good teacher.  The thing that bothers me is will I be able to maintain the house, direct school, and still make time for myself?

I just started putting time for myself back on the list of things I need to do.  Kenaniah is just now 10 months old, and playing by him self a bit more.  Korvin is turning out to be an awesome big brother. In fact so much so that it is making bed time a circus at our house.  The boys share a room so if Kenaniah starts crying at bed time Korvin gets up and gives him a toy.  If that does not work he reads him books.  All the while I just want them to both lay down and SLEEP!! Korvin likes to have the light on as he has recently started waking with bad dreams in the middle of the night.  Kenaniah seems to prefer the room to be pitch black, cold, and quiet so he can go to sleep.  Just another never ending battle right there.

Now the good news for the blog.  It turns out I have bouts of insomnia when the hubby is on duty.  So I will have plenty of time to write stuff, and keep it up to date.  The bad news is that the next day I might not be so up in the SUPER MOM rankings.  One day at a time! We have been dealing with duty days for months, and I still get very little sleep on duty nights.  That leaves me to wonder how I will survive an entire deployment with kids. That however is an entirely different blog post.

I hope everyone out there in the blog world is doing well.

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