Poop happens

     This is the story that led me to create blogs for both of the boys. As we begin the story know that Kenaniah is in the middle of his morning nap.

     Korvin and I are in the kitchen discussing the peanut butter sandwich that he says he needs.  So I make the peanut butter sandwich while we are discussing the cat playing by the back door.  I ask him if he needs to go potty before he sits down. (We are in the middle of potty training.)  He says no and climbs into his chair.  I let him know that I will be right back, and that I am going to the potty.

     Seriously i make it to the bathroom, and sit down.  Then I hear "MOM HELP POTTY!!"  I rush out of the bathroom as fast as possible imagining the mess he could be making.  He is standing in the kitchen doorway as I round the corner from the bathroom.  He takes one step around the piano and I can see the problem.  Poop is everywhere!!! I pick him up and put him in the bath tub for safe keeping.  Then I head back to the kitchen to do some damage control so that the dogs do not spread the mess. 

     Had the incident been with mud this would be the best swiffer wet jet commercial ever.  So the kitchen floor got cleaned, laundry got started, and Korvin got a shower.  Next thing on the list is to make it until daddy get home in one piece.  Oh and somewhere in there we have to make dinner.  For right now it is mommy time as the minions are sleeping.

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