My little Ken man

Kenaniah is in to everything and going everywhere.  Always full of smiles and having a good time with anything he does.  He does like to voice his opinion on the matter of him being the center of attention.  Not very much for crying unless he wants something, and no one around him will get it for him.  He loves his big brother who is always helping him get something, or just leaving something out so that Ken can grab it.  

     He is ten and a half months old now.  He has two teeth and he will stand up by himself.  He does try to walk when you hold his hands, but has no intention of trying to take steps by himself.  His favorite game right now is peek-a-boo.  He just can not get enough of his big brother playing with him.  Blankets are excellent toys at the moment. 

     I am anxious to see what kind of things the two boys will get into as they grow.  For right now Korvin is my kind hearted big brother that will give Ken anything to make him stop crying.  Ken is still a puzzle to me, but always full of smiles.  This little guy smiles the majority of the time.

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