Chocolate covered peanut butter balls!!

Well we started off this morning making our oatmeal peanut butter balls.  Korvin helped by dumping ingredients in to the mixer for me. I will post the recipe at the bottom do not worry. Then we moved our work station over to the island to start making the balls.

When I turned around to get a sheet of wax paper some one took a taste.  The product was approved before we even got to our experimental chocolate coating.

Sneaking a taste
All mixed up

After we got all the balls made we placed them into the refrigerator so the balls would firm up.  Fast forward several hours, and the boys finally got put down to bed.  At around this point I started preparing the chocolate for melting.  My beautiful white chocolate chips were starting to melt.... Mom moment my oldest comes out to say he needs to potty.  I assign my husband to potty assist because chocolate is tricky stuff some times.  Sure enough there is a parental assist needed because my youngest needs a number 2 change.  (My husband does not do number 2's unless it is a dire emergency.  That however is a totally different post.)

To make a long story short my white chocolate burned to a lovely brown color.  Parenting moment over I start over with the half bag of  milk chocolate that I have left.  It must not be my night because I have trouble getting it to melt smoothly.  I did eventually get it melted, and begin coating my oatmeal PB balls in chocolate.
The chocolate
Note how nice they look with the chocolate pooling around the bottoms.  Now imagine them all neatly sitting on the cookie sheet being transferred to the refrigerator so that the chocolate will cool faster.
MMMM pooling chocolate

Disaster strikes!! That is right folks got them all the way to the refrigerator and dropped the pan.  Chocolate was everywhere.  So I scooped them all up and dumped them onto the cookie sheet.

Disaster zone

They were laid back out neatly and sent to the refrigerator.  They do taste good as samples were in order after I cleaned all the chocolate out of the refrigerator.

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Balls:

3 cups oats
2 cups raw peanut butter
1 cup local honey
3/4 cup flax seed meal
1/2 cup unsalted sunflower seeds
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips
1/2 cup craisans

Mix all the ingredients together.  Then roll into cookie size balls. Store in the refrigerator between wax paper sheets in a sealed container.

For the chocolate I just melted down Toll House chocolate chips.

On a fun note I picked a huge load of stuff from our garden so next I will be making some pesto in the near future to freeze up for the winter months.  Look for that soon.

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