Clearing Out the Kids Clothes

      Well as my regular readers already know I have two little boys.  If your new here now you know.  Like all good moms planning ahead I saved all my first kids clothes so the next one could use them.  This has worked to an extent.  My boys were born in different seasons so the clothes sharing can only go so far.  I think summer sharing is easier, because you can get away with out a shirt.  There is also the summer advantage of shorts, so if the pants are to short just roll them up to shorts.

     Now that we are approaching the cooler months I am busy looking for clothes that fit just right.  Since my youngest is learning to walk he needs pants that are not to long, but we still need coverage as it does get cold here.  Several months back I stumbled across the answer to this conundrum.

     Thred UP is an online clothes trade system.  When I first started there were mostly kid clothes, but now lots of people trade adult clothes too.  Then they implemented toys and book boxes.  You can also create a wish list of things you are looking for.  This has been awesome for our family.  There is no way we would have the money for brand new winter clothes for both kids.

     They will even make sure you receive a set of boxes in the mail to get you started in trading clothes.  Make sure all of your clothes are washed, and free of stains, holes or other damage.  Now you are ready to pack a box and list it for trading.  Here is a video on how to pack a full box.

     I have had success with all of the boxes I have sent and received.  It has become popular to link a picture of the clothes in your box in the listing its self.  I am sure the people behind Thred UP are working on a way to add this in.  However for the time being make an album on facebook, photobucket, or some other photo sharing site and link to your picture.  Your box will go much faster if people can see what they are getting.

     For all of my military families out there they have a special military program out there just for you.  They now have a military newsletter.  I highly recommend this for all you military families, because like us you most likely do not get all the cool cousin/family hand me downs.

     We needed a Halloween costume for K2 to wear this year.  So after looking through the boxes I found a lion costume available.  This was excellent as K1 is going as a monkey, and now they can look cute and themed.  So I picked the box, paid, and waited anxiously for the mail man to arrive.  The costume was perfect.  Here is a picture of my little man when he tried it on.

     There is also a referral program that you can use to refer your friends, and you will both get a credit to your account once your referral picks a box.  Here is my link for the referral program.  I
hope all of you enjoy trading your clothes with Thred up as much as I have.
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