What is in my Head Today

     Well the first thing that pops into my head is the fact that I have been stalking my email to see if my Beachbody order shipped.  It finally did hooray.  Now it is all down to the Fedex people.  Not to worry I have signed up for alerts to come to my email for every update from Fedex.  I might be just a little bit excited.

     In other news I cooked a meat less dinner that was awesome.  Hubby of course thought it needed meat, but he did not cook it so to bad.  He ate it anyway, and had to agree that it was good.  I will say that a little chicken that has been marinated would have been awesome on it.  We had a noodle dish with garlic, onion, bell pepper, broccoli, and cauliflower. K1 of course vetoed everything, but the noodles.  He has recently become extremely picking.  I think he is just trying to voice his opinion on the matter.  Eventually he does go back and eat it when he realizes that nothing else will be served.Crazy kid actually asked me to make him mac and cheese.  There are no extra meals at our house.  You eat what was served or go with out.

     Completely random thought from hubby.  Last night he was asking me to pre-order a video game so that we can play it together.  When we first got married I played WOW with him, and it was fun.  However once the kids got here I quit playing.  It was to much trouble for me to keep up with leveling a player, and keep up with the house and kids.  I tried for a bit after K1 was born, but it was no fun to rush through chores to play a game for fifteen minutes.  Long story short I ordered the game.  I guess we will go to scheduling time we will play on weekends.

     I also want to say thank you to Glo Sews for our second Liebster blog award.  I will get a post out for that some time soon Glo.

     Does your significant other have foods that they just will not eat?  What activites do you miss doing with your spouse since you had kids?  Alternately, what activities do you wish your spouse would do with you even if you do not have kids. 

     I hope you all have an excellent day.  Until next time!

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