My Coach Application is Approved!!

     Hi everybody!! Well If you have been reading for a few days then you saw my post Jumping in With Both Feet.  Today I got the conformation email that my application was approved as an active duty military coach.  A big thanks to my husband for that one.  Yeah no fees for my new business how awesome is that.  Love you babe even though you will never read this.

     After I got the email, I had to wait not so patiently for nap time so I could go and set up all of my coach sites.   Hooray!! I love speeding around the internet setting up stuff.  GEEK I know label me if you want to.  Anyway I got them all set up.  Go HERE to see my main coach page. Do you want to learn about Shakeology check it out HERE!

     DON'T wait until the new year to set a resolution.  Most people never keep their New Years Resolution anyway.  Break the mold and start your journey to health and fitness today.  I can help you! If you have a question I can't personally answer I will find you the person that can.  Check out my new coach Facebook page.   Give me a little slack on the Facebook since I have been setting up everything else today.  You can find me on twitter too @CoachJBlocker.

     Are you an active duty military member or spouse of an active duty member?  I can help you get set up with your own business for free as long as you have a copy of the active duty members orders, and a copy of your ID if you are the spouse.  Not interested in your own business that is fine to.  By using your orders to sign up as a coach you can get a discount on beachbody products.

     I am totally pumped, and ready to get you up and moving.  Just PUSH PLAY you will feel better for it.  There is nothing like being proud of yourself for completing a work out.  The energy you gain from eating healthy and increasing your fitness level is amazing.  I also love the me time it puts into my day.  If i get up late or the kids are up early we PUSH PLAY together.  Today my two year old was dancing along with me to Yoga Booty Ballet.  He had a blast jumping around with the music.

     On my own personal journey I will be joining my coach on a Insanity Beachbody Challenge.  My coach will be there to make sure I PUSH PLAY everyday during the challenge.  I will be there to help you.  Join us on our journey to fitness and health.

     Leave me a comment letting me know why you want to get in shape.  Are you just tired of your clothes not fitting right?  Do you need more energy to keep up with your kids? 

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