Friends and Family Time

     This weekend was filled with visiting people new friends, and family. Saturday we went out with some new friends we made.  That is one thing being in the military makes you do.  You must learn to make new friends where ever you go.  We set off to meet up with our new friends  at the zoo.  However the road ways here have a system of several tunnels and bridges. Think naval town lots of water.  Extremely large ships do not go under bridges so they incorporated tunnels.  The problems with tunnels and bridges is traffic gets backed up in hurry.  So our new friends had trouble crossing the water to meet us. We were to late to go to the zoo.  We decided to met up at the McDonalds on  the main Navy base.  While we ate our dinner, we made some plans for next weekend.  Always good to make plans to get out of your house as a stay at home mom.

     Being a stay at home mom mom on a budget makes it easy to just stay inside and rarely venture out.  Looking around the community for new things to do is always fun.  This week we got a free trip to the zoo.  Next weekend it will be a free excursion to the  Yankee Candle Flagship Store for the Fall Festival.  You never know what you will find when you type the words free and your town in to google.

     The weather Sunday was amazing.  We started our day with hubby coming home from duty.  These are always exciting times.  K1 jumped up from his breakfast to run to the door and see daddy. Hubby was up all night on the ship so he laid down to take a quick nap after breakfast.  A few hours later our dear military friend P stopped by to say hi.  Military friend translates into extended family for life to anyone who was wondering. He was down enjoying the local wine festival.  He even brought the hubby and I a bottle of wine.  It all made for an excellent start to the day.

    Check out I'm so excited so how ready I was for our next adventure. Later on Aunt A drove to our side of the water. Having family only an hour away is a new experience for us, and often quite fun.  Living in a highly military area paid off.  Hubby's sister and brother-in-law were both in the Army, and got stationed over here. When Aunt A and Cousin A got here we went to military appreciation day at the ZOO!

     We were running a little later than we had planned, but we still saw most of the animals.  The dads decided to stay home, and do quite time I guess.  The moms went on to conquer the zoo with 3 little curious kiddos.  The monkeys as K1 called them were a big hit. One day we will get to there real names, poor little chimpanzees.  I am certain if the adults were not so bust wrangling little bodies that we would have been able to reach out and touch the giraffes.

     However the biggest excitement of the visit came at one of the large monitor lizard enclosures.  We happened to stroll by at feeding time.  K1 has his face almost pressed up against the glass.  They were feeding the lizard little baby chicks.  The crowd around us got so big had to actually ask people to move so we could get out.  We left after it ate 2 chicks so more people could see.  I personally never remember getting to see an animal feeding at the zoo so it was a fun experience.


     The only complaint about the zoo was from K1 he thinks we should have ridden the train.  So now we know what we must do next time.  We did go ahead, and invest in a year long zoo membership pass.  Now we can go whenever we want.  We only live about 10 minutes from the zoo so that can be some fun little evening trips on the slightest whim.

Check out the kiddos chasing peacocks here. The Chase.

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  1. Christine says:
    October 18, 2011 at 12:54 AM

    Oh, I wish we lived close to a zoo! I'm glad you were able to get a pass to the zoo, that will make for some wonderful memories. My husband says he used to go with his mom multiple times per week and it was his favorite thing. I'm now following you back on GFC and I am also following you on Pinterest and added you on G+. -Christine at Why We Love Green,

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