Excellent Weekend

     We had a great weekend! Overall it was simple, but I really enjoyed it.  I hope everyone out there also had an excellent time with their families this weekend.

     Saturday we seriously spent all day hanging out at home.  We all had a great time enjoying each others company, and playing around.  Our day started with a late breakfast, and some TV watching.  Then during K2's first nap session I started a workout, and K1 and the hubby did their thing.  In the middle of my workout, all of my new workout stuff came from beachbody!! I am thrilled, and ready to start my new challenge group on 11-11-11.  Later we made dinner together. It was a greek shrimp scampi served over a bed of spaghetti squash!

     Sunday was a super slow start at our house.  Since the boys have been totally weird with their sleep schedules lately, nothing seems to fall just right.  K1 now gets out of bed, and crawls on the couch ottoman to sleep.  I can not figure out why, but that is off topic.  We got up late, and went to Waffle House for breakfast.  Hubby loves to eat there, but it is a little to greasy for me, and typically leaves me in a funk all day.  Then we  stopped and got K1's hair cut.  This is a big deal at our house since hubby does not like to get the boy's hair cut.  He mentioned it while we were out, and I made sure to stop on the way home before he changed his mind. 

     To top off our Sunday we had friend stop by  and chat for a bit.  She cam over to look at some of our baby stuff to buy since she is expecting early next year.  It was bitter sweet letting go of little baby stuff.  Then to top off my day of terrible eating we ordered pizza.  There is this awesome little family owned place down the street.  In all the times we have ordered from there, this was the first time our order was ever wrong.  In the long run it was corrected, and we now have pizza for hubby to eat for breakfast. 

     What did you and your family do over the weekend?  Did you all have nice weather?  Leave me a comment letting me know.

K2 hanging out during the week
His third haircut ever!

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