Small Children and Halloween

     So what is everyone doing for the Halloween weekend?  Both of my kids are young enough to not really care about the holiday which leaves me not really into it.  K1 will dress up as a monkey any day of the week and have a good time.  K2 is most definitely not into wearing a costume for any length of time.

     I guess what I am really wanting to know from everyone today is! When your kids were 2 and under did you take them trick-or-treating?  Maybe a fall festival is in order for more family events.  The boys really do not need to collect tons of candy to eat.  I do not need to have tons of candy in my house to tempt me into eating it.

     My big plans for Halloween are to put the boys on costumes for some pictures.  I think I will take the two small pumpkins we have here at the house, and use them in our photo shoot.  Does anyone have any cute ideas for poses the boys could do?

     Currently we do not even have any Halloween candy to give out.  I suppose I should get some so the neighbor kids do not hate us.  I also thought that maybe the boys would like to hand out the candy.  We might sit on our steps for a bit and let the kiddos give away the candy.  I am rally not sure how K1 will feel about sharing his candy with everyone.  He got a little candy when we went to the fall festival last weekend.  He ask for it all the time so it was moved to the top of the refrigerator.

     So does anyone have a suggestion?  What should these two little cuties do for Halloween?  I want them to have fun, but they really do not seem to be into this holiday just yet.  I am totally stoked for Christmas though because K1 keeps talking about it.  I have no idea why he likes talking about it or where he gets it from.  We do not have any Christmas items out at our house, but when he sees something he goes crazy telling me about Christmas stuff.

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