One of Those Days

     At our house today was one of those days. Nothing seemed to fall into place, and I my head was in a funk all day.  In fact it is still funky now.  If this post makes no sense I blame the entire frumpy day.

     First off the boys got up a little late.  This would not have been a problem if we did not need to go to the commissary as soon as it opened. I hate going to the commissary when there is a huge line.  So after we got everyone up, dressed, and fed we were out the door.

     We seriously made it down two aisles when K2 starts flipping out and crying and screaming.  First attempt to solve his problem was handing him the next item on the list to play with.  That bought me two more aisles of peace.  Thankfully K1 was being really good while we were at the store.  Every two aisles or so K2 needed a new distraction.  I know it was his nap time, but he got up late so I was hoping we could make it through the store.  We made it to dairy and frozen food section and K2 loses it.  Poor little guy so we got him a bottle, and he was happy until we reached the check out. 

     While we were still in the dairy section we get some unsolicited advice from a not so helpful bystander.  At this point my cart is brimming with all the things we got.  I was a major trip that I had been putting off for awhile.  As I turned into the milk section the entire top layer of my cart falls to the floor.  Our helpful bystander says "I think you need another cart."  I need a lot of things, but you standing there telling me what I need is not one of them.  No help was offered except their unsolicited advice.  I mean really loaded cart 2 kids, and no one can help me pick it up.  Anyway we got it picked up, paid and made a mad dash for home.

     When we get home K2 goes straight to bed for a nap.  The dogs had gotten into the trash can so that had to be cleaned up.  Then I made the million trips back and forth to the car to bring in the groceries.  K1 attempts to help me put them away.  He tries really hard, but was more of a hindrance than anything.  I got all of the cold things put away, and headed to the couch to sit down.  I sat down for all of five minutes it felt like, and then K1 is asking for a snack.

     Nap time was a total disaster. K2 slept late which means K1 went down late.  Then when K2 would normally go down for his second nap he was still wide awake.  This is not good because when K2 goes down for second nap it is mommy time.  It is that priceless few hours during the day when both kids area sleep. 

     Hubby got home a little early which was a plus.  It was totally awesome since cooking dinner in a haze is never a good idea.  Some how I muddle through the prep work for dinner.  It was served a little early since hubs skipped lunch at work.  It even tasted goo which was amazing since at this moment I had the forcefully make my mind think to remember what we ate 4 hours ago.

     I am trying to hold on to some excitement for tomorrows visit to the military family fall festival.  We are meeting up with the sister-in-law there, and it should be a blast.  Off to bed with my crazy self so I can be more fun tomorrow.

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