Date Night

     So I am sitting here on the floor playing with the little guy before he gets his last bottle of the night. Then it is off to get ready for date night! I finally got him down to sleep after he fought it the whole way.
     Out the door and off to Red Lobster!! We were going to go to a movie, but there is nothing out at a theater near us that seemed appealing.  As soon as we left it started raining, but no big deal.   We got over to the  restaurant, and there is no parking.  Guess what we forgot the dinner crowd on Friday nights last longer then during the week.  So I jumped out of the car to get our names on the list as we were anticipating a long wait.  Surprise no wait for the smoking section, and we are in luck no baby.  So we walked right in and sat down.  Next awesome moment! They are serving endless shrimp plates!! It was definitely relaxing to go out, and not worry about if we would need another bottle or a new diaper.
     Overall it was a great time out with just the hubby.  My bro was cool to sit at home, and just play video games while listening for the kidlet.  Gotta love that the kid has gone to this 12 hour sleeping pattern.  Really it is about 11 hours 30 min, but who is counting!! I really just hope the diaper makes it most nights.  On a rare occasion there is a little leak, but nothing major. 
     I sent the link to the new blog out to the family and friends for a review before I start releasing post.  I think it will all go really well as long as I can get enough traffic.    That just about wraps up the day!!!

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