Well the day is slowing down.  K is down for his nap before he gets up for dinner and a bath.  I have pot roast in the slow cooker awaiting the hubby.  The dogs are passed out on their beds.  So after juggling a baby, making dinner, and paying bills today I still feel like nothing is accomplished.
     To top it all off the AC broke last night so everyone in the house is sweating, or at least sticky all day.  This is the 3rd time the AC has gone out this summer. No fun in my book!!!!At least the little man is a bit older and tolerates the heat a little better this time.  Last time it went out he was 3 weeks old.  Top thing to be thankful for today it was overcast with a chance of rain.  At least the temperature stayed below 90F.
     Hopefully it will cool off by the time hubby gets home.  I am not totally in love with this military recruiting duty, but it works and he gets to come home and see K most days.  Some days poor hubby works so late the wee man has gone to bed long before his dad gets home.
     If everything goes down as planned I might be able to play some World of Warcraft tonight.  Being my guilty pleasure I do like to lose my self in a video game some times.  I get to go to my own little world and ignore everyone if I want.  I hope one day to get back to my scrap booking as a side hobby, but for now it is just to much work.  Maybe if I find a place to leave a craft area set up.  Well back to the real world!! See you later!!

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