Hanging at Home!!

     Well today we stayed at home.  Little man was terribly grumpy all day.  Come to find out his teeth are finally coming up through the gums.  Poor little guy I guess that explains why he has been waking up at night his teeth hurt.
     Maddie the older greyhound decided to have her own tantrums today.  She has been barking randomly all day.  Then when I finally let her in my room like i thought she wanted!! She goes and steals a diaper and tears it all apart in my bed room.
   Well it is 7PM and the baby is finally down for the night.  Hopefully!! Now on to the house chores, and dinner prep.  What to cook for the dear husband that has worked all day?  Some thing with chicken since that is what I got out of the freezer.  I just hope I can stay awake long enough to get every thing done for the day!!!

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