The day to day.

     Well today's good news, is that we still have renters for another month at the house in Virginia!!!!  That means not so much worry on the budget part.  I do hope they find new renters that want in before these guys decide to leave.  I think we are going to tell the property manager to up the rent which will work out even better.  So that was a big load off my plate in the money department. 
     The weather iscooling off so all the dogs found some long lost energy.  They have been running around playing like puppies for two days.  The cats on the other hand are looking for cuddly places to spend the days. 
     Getting the house ready for the sister in law to visit.  She is allergic to cats, so I will be scrubbing the cats and doing some extra vacuuming, and dusting.  I should probablly tell her thanks for coming so I get all this house work done.  Big plans for the weekend while she is here.  Photo shoot for the babies!!! Her little girl is four months younger than K.  Then getting ready for some scrapbooking and crafting.  It will be fun to have a little more girl energy in the house.
     K was pretty good today over all.  I mean for the day after shots he was awesome I suppose.  We made it out to get groceries, and other household stuffs.  Then he was well behaved while the AC/heater guys were here.  He also found it in his schedule to let me have time to call the DMV, and wait on hold for 16 minutes.
     Over all a very productive day in our little world. 

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  1. Cher says:
    October 1, 2009 at 3:20 PM

    You won the Light Up Your Child's Mind book from Mama's Money Savers. Please email me your mailing address within 48 hours ( As a suggestion also, make sure you leave your email in with your comment or you at least have it in with your profile. Many bloggers won't award you a prize if they can't find an email.

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