Fun time today!!!

     Well today we went and got Korvin's picture done in his Halloween outfit, that will not fit by Halloween.  We got a few done in a cute little sweater outfit that Erin got for him.  I am in LOVE with some of the pics we captured today!!! I can hardly wait to post them online for the fam!!  Maybe some for all of you blog guys too.  Poor little guy has no idea on Monday he is getting his 6 months shots at the pediatrician office. 
     The new blog is coming along nicely.  I am getting a few weeks worth of recipes set up.  I figure I need a stock pile for those days K wil just not let me type out a recipe.  Then we paid some bills, and played some games.  The dishes went into the dish washer, and dinner was cooked. 
     Now off to do some kitchen clean up, get ready for bed, and do my Bible reading for the day. Oh yeah,the super exciting news!!!! (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!) I got a baby sitter for tomorrow so hubby and I can go out ALONE!! 

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