Teething is kicking our butt!!

     Well my little man is officially getting that first tooth.  Poor little guy! I can see the opening in the gum now.  He appears miserable, and can only get a little sleep at a time basically when the tylenol wears off he is screaming.  The good news is freezing one end of a washcloth for him to chew on is working way better than the teething rings we have.  Thanks Great Aunt Helen for the washcloth tip.
     Of course since the wee one is up every couple of hours I am too.  Oh the joys!! Dear old dad of course barely flinches when I get out of bed to check on the little man.  Sometimes I just want to poke him every time I get up.  However he does go to work every day, and I stay home so I can sneak a nap in if needed.  I do on occasion curl up right next to him all cold when I get back in bed.
     So I am still procrastinating on filing my Montgomery GI Bill papers.  I would like to go back to school, but there is no one around where we are currently stationed that I would let watch the baby.  That seems to be the only problem with small commands.  Not only is there no base to go shopping at, but there is not that instant friendship of the other military wives.  So in general I guess I am ready to move back to Virginia already.
    Guess who is up from his morning nap!!! More later nice talking to you all!!

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  1. Amanda says:
    September 15, 2009 at 6:18 PM

    Hyland's Teething Tablets work very well too and your little one shouldn't choke on it. It melts in his mouth. They always worked on my son who is now a year old! Good luck with the teething!

    Following from MBC!

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