Wow busy day

     Ok get up feed munchkin, make breakfast for hubby.  Put baby down for nap, clean up kitchen. Wait for baby to get up.
     Here is where it gets good.  Go to Wal-mart for lawnmower oil, and a few random things.  Get through store, check out put things in car.  Suddenly remember you do not have lawnmower oil.  The one thing you really needed.  Hike all the way back in to store to get such things.  Get home unload bags and now sleeping baby.  Get everything ready to go.  Now realize that you are extremely low on weed eater line.  Blah!! Go figure! Oh well guess it will take a while for the weed eater to get line now.  I hate going into Wal-Mart. 
     Anyway got it all done, and helped the hubby with some work so hopefully he can have some time off this weekend.  Now to get everything together for a baby photo shoot tomorrow. 

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  1. Bsbabee03 says:
    September 23, 2009 at 7:02 PM

    I can't wait to see the pictures!! I always seem to forget one thing on my list when I go to the store, always drive me nuts! lol

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