Visiting the Dr.

     Man was today busy.  Up early and off to the pediatrician. That took 2 hours because of the million kids sick with the flu.  Thank goodness our pediatrician office has 2 waiting rooms(sick/well)!! Anyway poor little K got 4 shots and a liquid vaccine today.  He was such a trooper.  Of course we get home and he is grumpy for the rest of the day.  He went to sleep a little late, but he was up when daddy got home so good trade I guess. 
     So in between grouchy baby, and everything else!! I managed to wash all of the cloth diapers, and a load of dishes.  Then it was left-overs for dinner.  Sneaking in a little bit of blog work, and balancing the check book.  Tomorrow will be full of exciting stuff like paying all the bills oh joy!!

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