Progress Made!!

     Well today's big accomplishment was vacuuming the downstairs.  Mixed in with juggling the baby, and making dinner.  Thank you who ever invented the crock pot!! That kitchen gadget is so handy.  Dropped a chicken in covered it in potatoes, and add some spice.  Tada dinner made itself. 
     I think the little man is getting that second tooth right now he was clingy and grumpy all day.  That just means tomorrow should be very exciting.  I mean who would not enjoy going to the pediatrician for shots with a teething baby!!!  So I hope I get enough sleep tonight. I really am not anticipating anything fun tomorrow.  Oh and to throw it in we have/need to go grocery shopping tomorrow. 
     I posted a quick fun recipe on the up and coming cooking blog.  Swing by and check it out!!

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  1. A Mom After God's Own Heart says:
    September 29, 2009 at 8:51 AM

    I agree about the crockpot! Best thing ever:)

    found you on MBC and now following:) would love a follow too!

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