Every Three Hours!!!

     Well I made it to bed around 11:30 PM last night only to wake up around 2AM to my darling husband finally coming to bed.  He had stayed up playing video games with my brother.  Then at 2:26AM my darling son woke up for some unknown reason.  This is completely odd since the little man has been sleeping 12 hours every night for a while now.  I do have to give the hubby some credit he did get up out of bed to go fed the little guy.  Then of course I lay awake until I am sure the baby is asleep.  So around 3:15AM I am sleeping.  At 6:30AM the baby springs to life and is ready to go.
     Why did I have to get the kid that just springs to life ready to go in the morning.  So I get up do our normal morning routine.  Diaper, bottle, playtime, only I cut play time short to trap him in his crib so that I can go back to bed.  Some times I just get that I am a bad mom thought in my head.  In reality I know it was better for everyone that I went back to sleep for a little bit.  We still got everything done in a timely manner.  Made it to church on time, and I cooked a healthy lunch.
     So overall good day I just wish sometimes I could have a day off.

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